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8-10 Pass. Lincoln Limousines

Recognized as the foremost leader in manufacturing safe and reliable stretch limousines, Krystal Coach Enterprises is the builder of choice for all of Legend’s Lincoln limousines. These vehicles are available in either black or white, each with the same bar pattern and seating setup. Available with sunroofs, every 10 pass. Lincoln features a mirrored ceiling with fiber-optic and twilight effect lighting setup, 11” television with VCR and CD player. For those clients that are seeking a traditional form of luxury transportation, Legend’s Lincoln limousines by Krystal will do the job and are competitively priced for any occasion.

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Three Hours: $375

Four Hours: $400

(ad. hours): $85

Mon-Fri: $65/hr

Sat-Sun: $70/hr

Mon-Fri: $65/hr

Sat-Sun: $70/hr

Junior Prom: $420

Senior Prom: $700

June 20th & 21st Prom : $900

(ad. hours): $70

***Please add a 20 % Service Fee & 8.625% Sales Tax to above rates