18-20 Passenger Cadillac Escalade

Legend's 18-20 Passenger Cadillac Escalade is a beautiful selection for groups of 13-16. The exterior of the vehicle is painted the original "White Diamond" Cadillac paint. The sleek, solid window look makes the vehicle look real sharp going down the road. The interior features fiber optic, strobe, and laser lighting. A high output stereo and CD player, along with four flat screen TV's complete the entertainment package. The interior also features a disco-like floor, which changes color with the fiber optic lighting in the bars and ceiling.

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Three Hours: $750

Four Hours: $850

(ad. hours): $150

Mon-Fri: $100/hr

Sat-Sun: $115/hr

Mon-Fri: $100/hr

Sat-Sun: $115/hr

Junior Prom: $755

Senior Prom: $1650

June 20th & 21st  Prom: $2100

(ad. hours): $125

***Please add a 20 % Service Fee to above rates