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Golf Cart Customizer

Essential tips for customizing your golf cart

Gone are the days when golf carts were restricted to golf courses. These days, they provide inexpensive and convenient transportation when performing yard work, hunting, visiting friends, running around town, or engaging in some other related task. Unsurprisingly, traditional golf carts are not versatile enough to be used for all these. But thanks to the many golf cart customizers out there, you have the freedom to build or modify your cart to suit specific applications.

What parts of the golf cart can be customized?

Body and hood

When you purchase an unusable golf cart, you most probably have a framework for the body and hood. However, you can still modify this framework to your taste. Golf cart customizers offer front hoods, body sets, rear frames, front fascia, side skirts, and other body and hood parts for customization purposes. It is important to note that the body of your golf cart sets a tone for all the other accessories you’ll be adding. Thus, you should carefully consider the kind of body and hood you want before taking the plunge.

Wheels and tires

When customizing your golf cart’s wheels and tires, it is important to consider functionality over aesthetics. The tires and wheels you’ll be choosing must the suited to the terrain your golf cart will cover. Regular street tires would work well for paved surfaces. But if your golf cart would be doing a lot of off-roading, larger tires with deeper treads would serve you better. A good golf cart customizer software would provide all these options.

Lift Kit

A lift kit is an essential accessory for off-road golf carts. It allows you to add larger tires and wheels to your cart while giving you a smoother ride over rough terrains. Our golf cart customizer offers three types of lift kits, namely spindle lifts, axle lifts, and long travel lifts. The type of lift kit you’ll choose would depend on the kind of cart and the intended use.

Asides the three main parts highlighted above, you may also consider adding brush guards and fender flares if your golf cart would be staying off-terrain for long periods.

What golf cart customizations can improve aesthetics?

The good thing about golf cart customizations is that you do not have to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. When using a golf cart customizer to add body parts that would improve your cart’s performance, you should also consider adding accessories that could make your cart more sophisticated and more comfortable to ride in. Some of the available options include:

  • Custom seats
  • Drink cooler
  • Decals
  • Upgraded controllers
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Cart covers

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You do not have to break a sweat when building or customizing your golf cart. With the Build Your Golf Cart Software, you have everything you need at your fingertips. Whether you’re a dealer or you wish to build your golf cart, you can trust the software to make the process easy and smooth.


Golf Cart Customizer

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